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Your Health Continuum Membership

Your invitation to heal starts here. The chronic unexplained symptoms that you have been dealing with that are depriving you of living your life in full, the multitude of failed prescriptions, treatments and numerous doctors that have been unable to put your story together and offer holistic solutions. Approaching your needs requires your doctor and health coach and you to form a partnership for understanding the complexities of your life and the symptoms surrounding your illness. You should feel assured and empowered by your practioner-patient relationship that you can make the ultimate shift from struggling with chronic health issues to creating a life full of healing and health.  

Dr. Grewal understands the influences of mind, body, spirit, as well as your community’s influence on your overall wellness.  She has developed a roadmap over decades of personal and professional experience as an Integrative Functional Medicine doctor to instil healing and resilency from chronic disease. She discovers not just the root cause of the illnesses her patients experience, but the variables associated that create the environment for those illnesses, too. Her patients learn how to get and STAY healthy through her individualized care that is all about the patient, not just the symptoms. Insight into the patient’s culture, beliefs, and lifestyle helps her understand how best to trigger the necessary changes in patient’s behavior that will result in improved health and brings more value to their health care delivery.

To encourage your active pursuit towards healing, Dr. Grewal collaborates with our Health Coach, Gin Burchfield. Gin has over 20 years of experience in Integrative health modalities and believes vibrant health is attainable for every person. Gin specializes in behavioral modifications and habit change that supports Dr. Grewal’s treatment plans. This addition of a Health Coach to your membership enhances the effectiveness of your wellness journey, by providing accountability and one on one support. This instrumental relationship will help you connect with yourself, your goals and your ability to respond to life stressors as you facilitate awareness of your body’s healing capabilities.5

We have a proven path that we have followed every single time we create healing in our patients.

They can do it, so can you.


What It Costs:

The total value of this program is $5148 divided in 12 payments of $429 per month and includes two healthcare practitioners to guide you through your year of health discovery. You will have a total of 18 visits throughout the course of the year. Nine 45-minute visits with your Integrative Functional Medicine MD, and nine 30-minute visits with your Holistic Health Coach.

Your membership also includes personalized protocols for step-by-step healing using the core premises of Functional Medicine, diagnostic and genetic test interpretations. Access to In-Body Dexa Scan Assessments to monitor your progress at no additional cost. One-on-one guided meditation sessions with Dr. Grewal. (These sessions are based on the status of your progress.) For your convenience, after your first visit at the Grewal Center, future follow-ups may be arranged in person or through telemedicine. Visits with Health Coach are via telemedicine. 

If you commit to your Health Continuum Membership, you will experience the possibility of living with a sense of control over your health.

We provide our patients with the greatest level of personal care that is out of network for all commercial insurance carriers, Medicaid, and Medicare. Some insurances may cover medical services and laboratory tests we perform. There are no co-pays, hidden fees, or deductibles.

All patients are responsible for making their payments promptly each month as well as the annual renewal fee that is to be paid for each subsequent year of service. 

Monthly Retainer Fee – $429.00 


If you would like to visit with Dr. Grewal outside of the membership, we offer a la carte rates. HSA dollars may be applied for these visits.

45 minutes  –  $700.00

60 minutes – $875.00

*We require a 48-hours cancellation notice.*

*As a courtesy, we send reminders for owed payments before sending out unpaid balances to collections.*




If you are considering Functional Medicine to address your health concerns, we offer a free 10-minute phone consultation with Dr. Grewal. Please call us at 919-234-7169. 





Dr. Kiran


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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

~ Thomas Edison