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3 Effective Tips to Relieve Stress

3 Effective Tips to Relieve Stress

I’m going to show you a few transformational photos of myself.

The first pic is 2012 me, when I was in residency, stressed to the max, fulfilling insanely long work hours, meeting the pressure to follow insurance protocols, all while trying to stay aligned with my purpose for being a doctor-to help people heal. Yet, I was becoming sick.

After learning and committing to a new personalized lifestyle routine through the Functional Medicine approach, here I am a few years later:

My personal life was a shadow I struggled to maintain. You’d find me at the hospital, exhausted, trying to gather some nutrition from whatever convenient food I could find, aiming to find just enough energy from the random sleep patterns, and depressed from having to spend more time going through piles of paperwork for insurance purposes than with patients.

My aspirations were crumbling under a mountain of stress and so was my health.

And, maybe you feel or have felt like I have.

Perhaps your stress and anxi..

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The Functional Medicine Roadmap

Welcome to our office! We look forward to becoming your partner in assessing and improving your health.

In your first visit, we will obtain a complete medical history. The key to success is treating each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of health problems. That generally entails a detailed conversation about your current state of health, health history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, etc. At that point, we will discuss with you potential approaches and recommended laboratory workups. This visit will last approximately 35 minutes (for direct primary care) to 75 minutes (if you are Functional Medicine patient) and is primarily an information gathering and sharing session. We may make some simple recommendations at this time, but most advice will be deferred until after lab and physical exam results are in and there has been time to thoughtfully consider your case.

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Melatonin is a neurotransmitter which is released from the pineal gland and helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. Release is triggered by darkness, conversely bright lights reduce its production. Clinically the use of melatonin

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Core elements of Functional medicine

Core elements of Functional medicine

Elements of Functional Medicine
The knowledge base—or “footprint”—of Functional Medicine is shaped by six core foundations.

Gene-Environment Interaction: Functional Medicine is based on understanding the metabolic processes of

Upstream Signal Modulation: Functional Medicine interventions seek to influence biochemical pathways “upstream” and prevent the overproduction of damaging end products, rather than blocking the effects of those end products. For example, instead of using drugs that block the last step in the production of inflammatory mediators (NSAIDs, etc.), Functional Medicine treatments seek to prevent the upregulation of those mediators in the first place.

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